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I offer a range of promotional services from simple SoundCloud reposts to full blown artists development/management. This money helps me eat and live so I always put in a little extra work for each order.

Soundcloud Repost: $10 But I don’t simply just repost your track to my account. I also post it on Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit (One link each) for additional traffic. It’s more of a social media blast. I charge $5 per 1000 followers on my account. Once hit 3k my price gets bumped up to $15 to keep things fair.

Advanced Soundcloud Repost: $25 All the perks of my regular soundcloud repost service but I provide 10 Reddit posts, and 25 fb posts to relatable groups and pages.

Super Saiyan Soundcloud Repost: $50 All the perks of my regular soundcloud repost service but I provide 15 Reddit posts, and 50 fb posts to relatable groups and pages.

You could technically do any of these services yourself but through years of trial and error, i have my lists optimized for maximum traffic and success.

Interviews: Free without a promo package. published on

Interview Promo Package: $25 Ill take your shdcvlt interview and post it to 10 subreddits and 25 relatable fb groups and pages as well as tag the labels I’m signed to and affiliated with in a Twitter post.

Artistic Direction / Brand Managment email me

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